My Jesus Memoirs was conceptualized to focus on the personal intervention of Jesus in people’s lives. It concentrates on the side where He meets us as individuals and relates to our upbringings, experiences, likes/dislikes, thought patterns, habits, etc. In this collection, you will read stories from 16 people, including me, who detail their personal encounters with God. We talk about how our lives have changed since these encounters and the one thing we want everyone to know about Jesus. 

I also asked each person to provide identifying information such as age and ethnicity to demonstrate God is for everyone. He has no favorite race or gender. I want people to read these memoirs and know they don’t have to be like others to receive salvation. God will meet them wherever they are. 

I pray that after reading this collection of God-encounters, you will be inclined to reflect on any God-moments you have had or perhaps desire to have of your own. Whether you’re a follower of Christ or not a believer at all, prepare to be inspired.